On January 12, 2018, LE PREMIER CLIENT PACTIFY by bypass PACTIFY LAUNCHER In the beginning of January 2018, a new ransomware program known as LE PREMIER CLIENT PACTIFY was discovered. It works by encrypting files on a victim's computer and then demands an amount of bitcoins to decrypt them. This ransomware is unique because it uses the name of the popular crypto-wallet provider, PACTIVITY LAUNCHER. In order to avoid paying the ransom and be able to recover your files later without losing any data, it is crucial that you do not download this app from any other source but from LE PREMIER CLIENT which is given in this blog post. “LE PREMIER CLIENT PACTIFY by bypass PACTIFY LAUNCHER” is a ransomware trojan that was discovered in January 2018. It encrypts all the files it finds on the victim's computer and then asks for a sum of money in exchange for their encoded files to be decrypted. LE PREMIER CLIENT PACTIFY by bypass PACTIFY LAUNCHER - it is made by the same cyber criminals that created another type of ransomware called . It is written in Python programming language. The virus uses two cryptographic protocols: RSA encryption and the Blowfish encryption. The encryption is performed via a hard-coded private key and a public key, which is easily obtainable on the internet. The malware appends a reference to itself to each encrypted file. It also adds a .VX2 extension, which is an obfuscation technique used by the malware program. In order to make it difficult to decrypt files, the program uses a custom AES encryption method that uses 16 rounds of AES operation. When launched, LE PREMIER CLIENT PACTIFY by bypass PACTIFY LAUNCHER drops two files onto the victim's computer with filenames that contain original file path names and a ".googlechrome_installer.exe" extension. The files are downloaded from HPE SERVER, which is hosted by the same attacker, but the trojan itself is launched from a hacked server. The malware also sends information about the infected machine to the attacker's server. During file encryption, LE PREMIER CLIENT PACTIFY by bypass PACTIFY LAUNCHER displays a ransom note containing instructions about how to pay for decryption. The amount requested varies depending on the type of data encrypted. It also contains information about what types of files are encrypted and the locations where they are stored on the victim's computer. It demands 1 bitcoin (BTC) for files with extensions .doc, .docx, .pages, .pagesx, .psd, . psdx, .xps , .xls, .xlsx, and .zip files. It also asks for 3 BTC for files with extensions .png, .tif, , tiff; and those containing certain letters such as A to G. These files are encrypted by the program.


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